Negotiating is more than a discussion of issues or a signed agreement. It is also an unwritten judgment on the quality and character of the participants. In reaching that judgment, integrity is the key element. Integrity makes the deal work. There is no substitute for it.

The absence of integrity cannot be offset by intelligence, competence, or tight legal documents. Without integrity, no deal, however carefully written, is worth much. Built into the transaction must be a high sense of values, the generosity to resolve subsequent difficulties equitably and a commitment to meet the intent of the agreement. Integrity is always a big part of the price. Wherever it is lacking, you will find yourself shortchanged.

Emotions play a powerful role in negotiating because people find it difficult to tolerate unexpected outbursts. When the other party lets loose, we find it hard to cope. Can-Europe Consulting can help to find the right solution for you in negotiating when it comes to a settlement of a dispute or disagreement.