Can-Europe Consulting prides itself on offering an array of services focused on resolving conflict or improving communication and team spirit.

We specialize in helping clients overcome the differences and close the gaps that prevent you from reaching your goals: conflicting points of view, generational or cultural differences and divergent needs.

Can-Europe consultants build our services around helping you identify the challenge and resolve the conflict. With over 20 years of experience working with conflict resolution and communication skills, our options are endless and productive.

We offer experienced mediation, negotiation, coaching and crisis management and more. We also prepare lectures and training to meet specific challenges using the analytical model of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Can-Europe Consulting specializes in family and agricultural business. We have experience in helping clients overcome individual and cultural differences and resolve conflicts in Brazil, Canada, The Netherlands and European Union, through mediation, negotiation, facilitation, conflict coaching and crisis management.